Mandatory Sewer Connections (MSCP)

As part of RI Coastal Resources Management Council’s July 6, 2000 Assent to the WSA for its Conimicut North Sewer Project, the WSA was required to implement a Mandatory Sewer Connection Program.  The requirement, however, recognized the need for additional capacity at the WWTF and delayed the implementation until one year after the upgrading of the WWTF was completed.  The MSCP was implemented on January 13, 2006 with an initial mailing of 71 letters to the Oakland Beach area.  The Program was put together with the guidance of a scientific study performed by the URI Cooperative Extension, and met all phases of the Greenwich Bay Special Area Management Plan.

The Greenwich Bay Special Area Management Plan is an integrated coastal management plan put in place to restore the vital ecological and economic resources of Greenwich Bay.  This plan was developed with the municipalities of Warwick, East Greenwich, West Warwick, other state and federal agencies, and the concerned citizens of the watershed.  This plan directly addresses the issues influencing the health of Greenwich Bay and its surrounding communities.  This plan was adopted by CRMC in May 2005 and specifies that all properties capable of connecting to sewers in Warwick will do so by 2015.

The first phase of Warwick’s MSCP addresses Brushneck Cove, and thus Greenwich Bay, and will continue until 2010.  This second phase will address septic/ cesspool discharge that affects Narragansett Bay.  The third phase will address all other properties of Warwick that indirectly affect Narragansett and Greenwich Bay and directly affect the Pawtuxet River.  The Warwick Sewer Authority is in compliance with all aspects of the Program except for the enforcement provision, i.e. the “connect-capable fee”

Please click the links below for answers to some of the more common questions the Warwick Sewer Authority receives regarding the mandatory sewer connection program.